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Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2000 17:11:49 BST From: col bou Subject: EASTENDERS THE ALTERNATE VERSION (M/m celeb, anal, porno xvideos oral) Grant/Ricky, Steve/Matthew Matthew/Grant, Grant/Steve/Matthew Giani/Jamie Beppe/Giani This story is solely the work of my xvieos over active imagination and bears no resemblance to the sexuality of any of the actors portrayed in this story. The characters Grant Mitchell and Ricky Butcher are the property gay xvideos of the British Broadcasting Corporation. STORY 1 Now that he had taken a xvideoss more active part in running the club, things were starting to look up for Grant. He had an excuse to hang around the gym eyeing up the blokes in the shower, while they were working out, mom xvideos which was his favourite past time. x video.com Despite there being a young twenty something having a heavy workout Grant had to leave the club to see Phil. 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